Alaskan's Nikolaos of Anadyr

(Alaskan's Sergei of Anadyr x Alaskan's Lippy of Anadyr)

Alex was born June 14, 1996 at the Howling Dog Kennels, home of the Anadyr huskies, owned by Earl and Natalie Norris in Willow, Alaska.   Jen and Blake were both mentored by Earl and Natalie.   So upon Jen's first visit to Howling Dog Kennels is when she met Alex who was only 4 weeks old at the time.

Jen returned to Howling Dog Kennels in 1997.  At that time Jen started Alex in harness as a yearling and worked with him though out the winter.  By Spring, Jen had come to love this dog and noticed his potentials thus purchased Alex and his older sister "Splatters" who was born in 1994.   Both dogs then became very influential to Manitou Crossing Kennels as incredible race leaders.

Alex was involved in many sprint and mid-distance races and is known as Best Race Leader from 1999 to 2003 competing in UP200 and Beargrease 150.  He led his last Beargrease team in 2005 and in the continuing years he taught his amazing skills to MCK's yearlings and puppies.

Alex is a foundation male here at MCK and has many offspring in which he imprinted his strong mind, drive, and leadership abilities!    

  1.   In 1999, Alex was bred to "Kandle" and produced "Fiona", "Nelson" (Influential in England), and "Vampire".
  2.   In 2000, Alex was bred to "Jordan" and produced "Trouble".
  3.   In 2001, Alex was bred to "Maggie" and produced "Baldy", "Trekkie", "Capri" "Flint" "Dozer" and "Twister"
  4.   In 2002, Alex was bred to "Splatters" and produced "Altoid", "Pepper", "Ziggy" and "Wintergreen"

Alex was one of our highly respected dogs and is still considered the hardest working driving leader we've had the pleasure of owning-always being willing to go faster- in MCK's history.