2023  Results
Beargrease Marathon (12 dogs 400 miles) - Full Results
Jen's Team: - 11th

Beargrease 40
Elena - 10th
Claire Hendricks - 9th

Klondike -
Blake - 30th
Elena - 29th

Wolftrack -
Jen - 12th
Elena - 14th
Nicole - 11th
Gavin Fountaine (handler) 16th

Copperdog 150 -
Jen - 12th
Blake - 15th

Copperdog 15 -
Elena - 15th
Nicole - 19th

2022 Results
Beargrease Marathon (12 dogs 400 miles) - Full Results

Blake's Team:  - 13th PLACE!

Jen's Team: - 11th!

Klondike -
Blake - 19th
Elena - 18th

Wolftrack -
Jen - 17th
Elena - 18th

Copperdog -
Jen - 11th
Blake - 14th

2021 Results
Beargrease Marathon (12 dogs 400 miles) - Full Results

Blake's Team:  - 5th PLACE!

Jen's Team: - 8th PLACE!

Cub Run: Nicole & Elena

2020 Results
Beargrease Marathon (12 dogs 400 miles) - Full Results

Blake's Team: Eagle & Fenrir (from our kennel), Riff, Barney, Siri, Ann, Witt, Bode, Killy, Magic, Opie, Andy (from Natures kennel) - SEVENTH PLACE!

Jen's Team: Grit, Bo, Saga, Gabby, Bolt, Maverick, Wasabi, Ranger, Norsk, Skoll, Ragnar, Todd - NINTH PLACE!

Cub Run: Nicole & Elena

Summary -

A successful 2020 Beargrease!! Our teams finished strong and happy in 7th and 9th. Blake is pleased with performance of the young Alaskans from Natures Kennel.
Itís safe to say the Siberians preferred the ďpolar vortexĒ last year over the warm weather this year, but the team was very steady and strong from start to finish. It is truly an honor to travel through the wilderness with these amazing canines.

Congratulations to all the teams and thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, handlers, organizers, veterinarians, and supporters who work together to make this amazing event possible. Itís amazing how many people work together to ensure these teams travel safely 300 miles up the North Shore of Minnesota.


2018/2019 Race Season

2019 Race Wrap-up

What a racing season!!!! We are already excited and making plans for next year but wanted to stop and reflect on what an amazing season we just completed. We canít thank everyone who supported us and our canine athletes enough! Without you, MCKís accomplishments would not have been possible.

Training went very well. We were on sleds by Thanksgiving and were blessed with good trails all season here in Northern MN. This year Blake was running a team in collaboration with Natures Kennel along with some of our own dogs. Racing began the first weekend of January with the Gunflint Mail run North of Grand Marais. Both teams (Jen and Blake) had nice solid runs and was a good training event for the following weeks leading to Beargrease. Next, Elena and Nicole enjoyed some chilly winds at the Beargrease Cub Run finishing 5th and 3rd out of 21 teams.
The 2019 Beargrease Marathon was one weíll never forget! This year the race started at Billys Bar in Duluth and finished in Grand Portage with a trip up the Gunflint Trail and a lap around the Grand Portage area. The race temps were around -40 at night with some snowfall and wind - conditions both of our teams thrived in. We could not be more pleased with the both teams performances and had an amazing 1-2 finish in Grand Portage with some wonderful, happy teams. Blake claimed his second Beargrease victory, and Jen came in 2nd with all 12 dogs and won the Vetís Choice award.
The UP 200 had a snowstorm just prior to the race resulting in a soft slow trail and ultimately was a great training run. Again, both teams finished happily and screaming to go at the finish line.
The next weekend, Jen, Jake, Jojo, and Bill all ran Elyís Wolf Track Classic Sled Dog Race, enjoying the beautiful trails and awesome community spirit of this great race!
Next, Blake headed East with Ed Stielstra and Laura Neese to run the team in the Can-Am 250 in Fort Kent Maine. Its always great to be back in awesome community of Fort Kent and travel their beautiful trails. They also had a huge storm the week of the race, and their trail crew worked hard to put in the best possible for the event. Blake and his team came in solidly in 8th place with tails wagging and eager to keep going.
The team was home just a few days before heading straight North to the Hudson Bay Quest where Blake and Jake Leingang raced from Gillam to Churchill Manitoba. Just getting to this race seems to be an epic journey and the race Itself never disappoints. This was our first HBQ where the weather was amazing! I didnít know the wind could ever actually slow down there. Both teams performed beautifully finishing 3rd and 5th. Jake also won the Best Kept Team award and Rookie of the Year. We had a great time and always enjoy visiting our friends in Gillam and Churchill.

We would like to thank Jojo and Jasmine who were our full time handlers this season. They did an awesome job getting to know every dog in the kennel, their individual needs, what harness everyone wears, and how much each dog needs to eat each day. They enjoyed plenty of miles on the runners behind teams and helped us keep the pups and old timers active and happy all season. Along with plenty of poop scooping and sorting of dog booties, these gals did an awesome job helping us reach our goals this season! Thank you!

Thank you to all that made this season happen!!!
Natures Kennel; Ed and Tasha Stielstra; Laura Neese
Jojo Weishar
Jasmine Ingerson
Jake Leingang
Johnathan Chapman
Bill Sima
Liz Busa and Bill Stokinger
Logan and Emily Schendel
Matt Klesser
Thea Schnieder
Alice White
John and Judy Vitek
Elizabeth Nelson
All race organizers, sponsors, and volunteers,
And so many others...
Thank You!!!


2019 Results

January - Gunflint Mail Run (12 dogs 100 miles) - Full Results

Blake's Team: Babs, Eagle, Jet, Sherman, Mitchel, Mary, Fenrir, Dana, Perez, Mark, Anna & Harley - 5TH PLACE!

Jen's Team: Bo, Orville, Saga, Ada, Axl, Todd, Grit, Ragnar, Skoll, Norsk, Wasabi, Ranger - 8TH PLACE!

January - Beargrease Marathon (12 dogs 400 miles) - Full Results

Blake's Team: Fenrir, Eagle, Jet, Babs, Mark, Mitchel, Dana, Perez, Mary, Anna, Morgan & Sherman - FIRST PLACE!

Jen's Team: Ada, Agex, Erin, Saga, Todd, Axl, Grit, Bo, Skoll, Norsk, Ranger & Wasabi - 2ND PLACE!

Cub Run: Nicole, 3rd place!  Elena 6th place! (out of 21 teams)

February 15-17- UP 200 - Full Results

Blake's Team: Fenrir, Eagle, Jet, Babs, Mark, Mitchel, Dana, Perez, Mary, Anna, Morgan & Sherman - 6TH PLACE!

Jen's Team: Ada, Agex, Erin, Saga, Todd, Axl, Grit, Bo, Skoll, Norsk, Ranger & Wasabi - 8TH PLACE!

February 23/24 - Wolf Track Classic - Full Results

Jen's Team (8 dog 50 miles): - 4TH PLACE!

Jake's Team (8 dog 50 miles): - 8TH PLACE!

JoJo's Team (6 dog 30 miles): - 28TH PLACE!

March 2/3 - Can-Am 250 

Blake's Team: - 8TH PLACE!

March - Hudson Bay Quest

Blake's Team:

Jake's Team:


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