6 Puppies Born July 20th, 2023 (3 Males, 3 Females) to Axl x BooBoo2. 
The puppies names are Looney Toon's theme - Bugs, Tweety, Pepe, Roadrunner, Wiley Coyote and Speedy Gonzales.

2 Puppies Born July 11th, 2023 (1 Male, 1 Female) to Fenrir x Flyer
The puppies names are Cessna and Piper!

6 Puppies Born July 11th, 2023 (3 Males, 3 Females) to Dusty x Gabby
Nicole chose a Fire and Water theme for the litter - the males are Rapids, River, and Splash. The females are Spark, Ember, and Cinder!

2022 Litter - Larry x Charlotte

2022 Litter - Norsk x Lemur

2021 Litter, Bo x Billie!

Great interview/story on our life with our dogs!


- Ada gave birth to 7 puppies sired by Northomes Liir on May 9th

- Urbana gave birth to 2 male puppies sired by Grit on April 30th

- Nicole’s favorite leader, Janis, had five beautiful pups yesterday (Feb 19th) - 4 males and 1 female, sired by Jedeye Merlin of Manitou

- Blake wins the Beargrease Marathon and Jen finishes second!

Watch this great video featuring Blake & Jen Freking - LURE OF THE NORTH

Lure of the North from Jonathan Chapman | JCP on Vimeo.

Axl & Frosty had 3 male pups on 10/18/18.  Welcome the 3 stooges, Mo, Larry & Curly

Agex & Frankie (Tsuga's Frankly Says) had 7 puppies August 2018

Ranger x Saga puppies born August 2018