Jedeye Deuce of Manitou

(Alaskan's Balto of Anadyr x Alaskan's Splatters of Anadyr)

Deuce born June 24 2000, was a happy, friendly dog and an incredible natural race leader. He had superior drive and stamina and was a very responsive leader! Deuce,  like his uncle Alex, is a leader who improves any team you put him in front of.  He seems to magically bring the team together to perform to a higher level.  Deuce gives 110% all the time.

Races Completed: 2005 Yukon Quest, Many Beargrease Marathons, Can Am 250, UP 200, and MANY other races!

Siblings: Punto, Orso

2004 with Dewey produced Nemo, Coho, Muski, Oscar, Chum, Dori, Squid, and Marlin
2005 with Noor produced Taku, Takhini, Lorne, Elsa, Tagish, and Steer.
2007 second breeding with Noor produced Joker and  Jackie.
2008 with Fiona produced Sherwood (Woody), Doc, Urbana, Champaigne, and Mattie.
2010 with Tahkini produced Alcan

Naoki & Deuce with Blake, 2004 Beargrease Marathon Winners